3 Steps to Get Started Looking for a New Job!

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Are you pretty certain that it's time for you to get a new job but you just don't know where to get started?

It's so common for people to want to take that next step, only to freeze because they have no idea how to actually do it! I want to share with you the first three steps that you need to take to get started looking for any new job.

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Here are the first 3 steps you need to take when you decided it’s time to get a new job:

1. Start to explore (but not for too long!)

That’s the trick! You want to explore and see what’s out there, what opportunities are available that maybe you didn’t even know existed. However, most people get stuck because they hop on job boards, like Indeed.com, LinkedIn, and all the other places and they just keep scrolling. 

They might scroll and find something that looks unique and exciting. They might even save the listing. But, they never go back to it! The next day, they hop on another job board and they do the exact same thing. 

Most people looking for a job get stuck in this cycle of exploration without ever taking action. 

Top Tip: Give yourself one week. That's it. One week to search, and explore, and scroll, and save. But when that one week is up, you need to stop and take action!

2. Find clarity and choose your direction!

This is the step that I find people will resist the most. I’ll admit it, it is kind of hard but it is the most critical piece of the entire job search process. 

Ask yourself: What will make me feel fulfilled at work? What do I like about my current job that I want to take to my next role? What pieces of my current job do I want to get rid of?  

Consider, not just your strengths, but also whether or not you enjoy them. Just because something is a strength does not mean that you want to carry it over into your next position. So, look at those strengths and things you’re good at in your current life, make sure that you like them, then look for a job that allows you to use those strengths. 

Top Tip: When you are trying to find clarity and figure out your direction, really try to niche down. One big mistake I see people making is that they’re too broad in their search. They say, "I'm open to a lot of different things." Because of this, their resume cannot then focus on one area. So, ask yourself, “What is the role I’m looking for,” or “What is the industry I’d like to get into. Build a statement that explains to yourself what exactly you are actually looking to do! 

3. Gather or create all of your job search materials.

Your job search materials consist of three main things - your resume, your cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile. If you’ve niched down (like I suggested above) you’ll be able to create a resume and cover letter that talk specifically to the specialized area that you’ve decided to go into. Point all of your previous experience to that area. That is how you show up as an expert in your job search tools. 

Doing this will help to attract the right opportunities to you. 

Top Tip: Create a master resume and cover letter for your niched-down job search. Then, tailor that resume and cover letter to each job that you apply for!

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