3 Unique Ways To Get a Job Fast

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It is no secret that it’s been increasingly harder to get a new position using the traditional job search methods such as applying directly through a company’s website. Instead, let's focus on what you can do to stand out as a jobseeker and make sure that recruiters and hiring managers are finding and choosing you over other candidates. Below you’ll find three unique ways to get a job fast.

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Go beyond the traditional “Apply Now” button

Typically, when people are applying for jobs they'll find a position they're interested in and either hit the “Apply Now” button on LinkedIn or go to the company website and upload their resume to apply online. The problem is that thousands of people are doing that same thing every single day. And most of the time your resume doesn't get seen by the human eye when you approach your applications like this. It has to pass the robot test within the company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and if your resume doesn’t contain the key content they’re looking for you'll either get a rejection note or no response at all. 

Rather than twiddle your thumbs waiting to hear back from a company take a proactive approach to apply for jobs. Head over to LinkedIn and look for posts in your feed that are talking about hiring. For example, for those in the education technology space, Jeff Patterson has a newsletter that drops every week with dozens of new job postings. He started this a while back when he noticed there were a lot of teachers transitioning into business-type roles but you can look for an influencer like this for any industry or role. 

So many people on LinkedIn are posting jobs in their feed because they’re desperate for exceptional talent. That means they want to hear from you. If the post references a specific person and you feel qualified for the job, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to the hiring manager tagged or the person who posted the position for an introduction. This is exactly how you can take something that's posted on LinkedIn (or any other platform) and turn it into an opportunity for you.

Become a thought-leader on LinkedIn or in other communities

Can you solve someone else's problem? Let’s say you’re a social media manager and you know that a specific company is having trouble with social media management because they've posted about it in a group or on LinkedIn. Show that you’re a social media expert by posting tips, tricks, and advice on how to use social media to grow your brand or sales. Feel free to reach out directly and share the results you’ve been able to get for other companies.

Think about the unique ways you can teach and advise in your industry. If you’re a recruiter looking for a new position in talent acquisition, for example, post on social media about how to answer the hardest interview questions. This helps people interviewing for new jobs but, at the same time, if there’s a company interested in hiring an excellent recruiter that also has industry knowledge, you’ve proved you’re up for the challenge.

Join online groups/communities

And finally, the third unique way to get a job fast is to join online groups and communities. The recruitment game has changed. Many hiring managers and recruiters are using industry or interest-specific groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Slack to post open positions. Your job is to join the groups that are relevant to you. The opportunities are endless.


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For example, if you're a mom there are hundreds of groups intentionally built for working moms to collaborate. Members will use these groups to post about open roles at their companies (among other things). They are searching for people like you to raise your hand and express interest. Instant trust is built because you have something in common (the group) and your resume gets fast-tracked to the front of the line. 

Use these three unique ways to supercharge your job search and get in front of the hiring manager fast. When you’re brave enough to use an untraditional route as a jobseeker your confidence grows and you’ll likely be in the right role in no time.

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