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“This is scary how spot on this is,” I remember thinking not too long ago. I had just joined a business mastermind and one of the first onboarding items was to take the 16Personalities test. At first, I was annoyed at having to spend a few minutes on what I thought would be a waste of time. Then, the results showed up in my inbox.

I was blown away by how accurately they described me. Not only did this personality test identify me as a “Defender” but it also dove deep into everything from my strengths and weaknesses to career paths and workplace habits. Was someone inside my brain? 

“Defenders are often receptive to change and new ideas...Whether subordinates, colleagues or managers, Defenders share the goal of putting good service and dedication above all else. People with the Defender personality type can always be relied on for their kindness and ability to listen to concerns, and to find ways to resolve them.” 

Yep, that pretty much sums me up! Of course, I also had to face my weaknesses which include overloading myself, taking things personally, and being reluctant to change. Actually, this is the part that really struck me. Notice how above how I talk about Defenders being “receptive to change”. Yet, a weakness of a Defender is a reluctance to change. How does that make any sense? Interestingly, it does to me. As much as I need change at times I also crave my routine. Switching it up often moves me out of alignment.

So, what do my personality test results have to do with you? As I thought more about it I realized how much of the information I gained could help me in my business—both in the way I work and who I work with. Furthermore, all of my clients are working to learn more about themselves so they can truly build a work life they love. Going through this personality test to discover the types of careers that could be a fit for them can help tremendously. Finding job ideas based on who you are at your core doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right?

There are many personality tests for jobs that are available (beyond 16Personalities) and each can offer great insight into the type of career that might be a fit for you. Let’s discuss three of my favorites. 


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#1 - 16Personalities

Based on the 16 personality types developed by Myers-Briggs, 16Personalities focuses on five main categories: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics, Identity. After answering their short quiz you’ll receive immediate results that share your Myers-Briggs personality type along with insight into why you act certain ways or make specific choices. After taking this test you’ll likely breathe a sigh of relief knowing you are the way you are for a reason.

How this personality test for careers will help you

16Personalities has entire sections on Career Paths, Workplace Habits, and Strengths & Weaknesses. You’ll identify what you’re good at and how you work best with other people. You’ll receive career ideas that may be a fit and will also (finally) understand why. 16Personalities offers tools and assessments specifically for those focused on their career. You can take a Job Preferences Test, Job Burnout Test, and Goal Orientation Test, just to name a few.

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#2 - Enneagram

If you aren’t familiar, the Enneagram is a personality test you can use for career ideas (and beyond). The results can have a profound impact on how you live your life. There are nine personality types, according to the Enneagram, and each one is “defined by a particular core belief about how the world works,” says personality test website, Truity. The goal of this test is to gain a deeper understanding of who you really are as a person. And that’s important when you’re determining what type of career is next in your journey.

How this personality test for careers will help you

The Enneagram is an incredibly useful personality test for when you’re searching for career ideas because your “number” will share your best and worst qualities, no holds barred. It offers an honest look into who you are as a person and why certain types of careers would work (or not) for you. 

One of my favorite books is Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile’s The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery. It breaks down each Enneagram number, explaining the traits of a “Healthy 5”, “Average 3”, or “Unhealthy 8”, as an example. For every number, the book offers a section about how you operate and manage yourself at work. It’s insightful and you’ll likely find yourself shaking your head at its accuracy. 

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#3 - MAPP Career Assessment

This personality test is specifically designed to help you figure out which type of career is right for you. MAPP stands for Motivational, Appraisal, Personal, Potential and after going through the assessment you’ll be given a list of the top ten job areas that fit your personality. But this personality test doesn’t stop there. It offers a list of possible career ideas. It’s helpful to skim through these and see which ones pique your interest (and why).

How this personality test for careers will help you

Because the MAPP Career Assessment was built for people looking to find the right career and not just their next job, it’s a valuable resource to use at the beginning of your self-discovery process to make sure you don’t choose a job that will leave you feeling burned out or back in the same situation a few years from now. This test defines your motivations which is critical when you’re looking for a career path that will be fulfilling for the long haul.

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Use these three personality tests as a starting point in your quest to find your dream career. Choose one to take or feel free to dive into all of them and look for similarities in the results. Then, explore the types of careers they suggest. Do they seem interesting? Maybe one of them will be your next dream job! Just be sure you’re aiming for meaning and fulfillment in your career so you can build a work life you love.


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