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Feeling lost, stuck, and unsatisfied in your career affects your entire life. From your mood when you wake up in the morning to the tone you use with your kids, being miserable at work is—well, miserable. It’s exactly why we got to work creating a step-by-step master plan full of career advice, ideas, and everything else you need to walk you through exactly how to get a new job.

As career change experts, one of the first questions we get asked is, “How can I make the right career change, instead of getting a new job that feels the most convenient?” We tell everyone the same thing:

Changing careers doesn’t have to be hard if you break the process down into very small steps.

And while this always allows the women we work with to enjoy a big sigh of relief, they quickly tense up when they realize they have no idea how to actually do that. You see, there’s not a class or blueprint that’s taught in school that truly teaches you how to get a new job that will make you happy to go to work—let alone feel totally fulfilled.

So, we decided to build it. Get the Job! Shop’s signature career coaching program, From Stuck to Fulfilled: Building a Work Life You Love houses all the career advice and ideas you need to get a new job—and fast. But the program doesn’t just stop at practical advice and career ideas that will make you want to go to work each day. It breaks down every little detail, showing you how to take small steps that will result in a big career change. A job you actually like is in your future if you simply follow the master plan.

Bypass the cover letter

Step 1: Figure out what you’re meant to be doing

This is the most important step, yet the one most women tend to skip. For their sanity, they know a career change is a must. So, they open popular job boards and start searching for a new job. We tend to gravitate towards what we know and what makes us comfortable so working women usually look for career ideas within their same industry. Or, they’ll ask friends and family for career advice and ideas when, in reality, very few people actually understand how to navigate a career change. 

Instead, your first step to take when looking for new jobs is to figure out what you’re meant to be doing. What’s your purpose? Did you know it’s easier than you think to move into a completely new industry or position? Rather than put a band-aid on the reason you want to change careers, why not actually fix the problem? Self-discovery is a critical part of the process. If skipped, you’ll be in the same situation a few years (or even months) from now.

From Stuck to Fulfilled: Building a Work Life You Love walks you through the most important self-discovery activities to help you determine the best career ideas for you. It’s like having a career advice expert on hand, helping you decide which new job is best for you.

Step 2: Create a plan to get there

What’s a dream without a plan? If you listen to any piece of career advice let it be the one that tells you to build a plan. Going in blindly to a career change will likely make you unhappier than you are now. You’ll spend significant time applying to random positions only to never hear back. It’s incredibly frustrating. How you change careers has changed. Save yourself some time, energy, and effort and learn the best way to create a realistic plan. This will get you into your dream job (that one you determined in Step 1) as efficiently as possible.

Work backward to figure out what steps need to be taken to make your career change a success. Add timelines and break each of those steps into smaller tasks. As you check each one off your list, you’ll feel accomplished, instead of overwhelmed. And remember that each tiny milestone gets you closer to your new job—the one you actually want. If you’re not sure where to start when developing your plan, check out From Stuck to Fulfilled: Building a Work Life You Love. The program helps you build it!

Step 3: Take action on your plan

You have your plan. Congratulations! But now what? It’s time to actually start checking off each step on your plan. It’s action time and, without taking some, making your career change is impossible. It may feel a bit scary or uncomfortable to take these steps, but each one is so worth it in the end. Consider getting a new job a project. And you happen to be the project manager. Let it be easy and exciting to apply for jobs and accept interviews. After all, you have everything you need to successfully do so in the master plan you created earlier.

Be sure you don’t stop your momentum at this step. This is when the magic (like seeing all your work come to fruition) happens. If those feelings of fear and imposter syndrome come up, that’s okay. They are perfectly normal. The key is making sure you recognize them and then let the uncomfortable feelings go. The more small steps you get to check off your list, the more confident you’ll become.

Allow yourself to go through the career change process feeling energized instead of wondering how you’ll find the energy to find a new job. It can be enjoyable if you take the career advice offered to you in From Stuck to Fulfilled: Building a Work Life You Love . The program itself is the only blueprint you’ll need to make a lasting and fulfilling career change, and the mindset shifts you’ll experience will change your life forever.

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