How is career coaching a form of self-care?

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Miserable. This is how the majority of women feel about their current job situation. Monday morning (or whatever day you start working for the week) comes and your stomach tightens, your smile turns to a sad frown, and reality sets in. Here goes another week of the same damn thing.

Did you know that “nearly 70 percent of employees are actively disengaged" at work? With people feeling overworked, underpaid, and not fulfilled, most are in their job just to collect a paycheck. Companies search for ways to keep employees engaged in an effort to retain them, but the entire workforce seems to be missing the bigger picture.

Somehow we live in a culture where it’s best to just have a job. Forget about a job that’s meaningful or one you actually enjoy. In our world, those come secondary. So, people continue to work to live rather than live to work.

Times are changing

Just because America has it backward doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. 72% of moms are employed today, and chances are you’re one of them. And while most moms believe working is their best option, a rare few are doing their dream job.

So, how can you break the cycle? The answer is easy, but getting there takes some effort. Finding your purpose can help you find a career you love. It’s true. Digging deep and figuring out what you’re meant to be doing (in work and life) gives you more purpose and a sense of identity. 

Each of us has gifts to give, but a select few are actively using them in the ways we could. One way to pursue your purpose is to find a job (or start a business) that reflects you—your wants and dreams—while giving you the opportunity to spread your gifts far and wide.

How to figure out what you want to be doing in your career

It can be difficult to decide what career path to pursue. Women tend to be more practical so transitioning to a completely new industry or position feels too risky to many. So, instead, they choose to stay where they are. Before they know it, a decade has passed and they still feel unfulfilled at work.

This is where career coaching comes in as a perfect resource. Known more as a guide, a stellar career coaching program will push you through a self-discovery process before ever giving you career advice. Sure, a job is great, but if it’s not something that feels purposeful, you’ll find yourself in the same situation within a few months.

Working with a career coach saves you significant time, money, and heartache down the road. She will work with you to talk about what gives you meaning and purpose. You’ll figure out what motivates you, bores you, and the true why behind your work. Career coaching will guide you to define the next steps once you decide on a path and make sure you follow through with total accountability. Forget chickening out and heading straight back to what’s comfortable, yet miserable.   


Bypass the cover letter

What’s self-care have to do with it?

Because we spend SO much of our time at work—one-third of our life—when we don’t enjoy what we’re doing, our entire life is negatively impacted. And that means we’re not taking care of ourselves. This is a massive problem for women who put themselves at the bottom of the priority list anyway. 

When you’re working in a job that better aligns with your interests and purpose burnout is limited and self-care is more practical. It becomes easier to focus on yourself because you feel happier overall. Energy levels increase and stress decreases, checking those two important self-care boxes. 

Women that enjoy work tend to find time for exercise, journaling, and meditation. Rather than putting self-care activities off they realize taking care of themselves actually makes them a better employee.

Do you see how it all comes together? Investing in career coaching does more than just give you career advice and help you get your next job. It can literally change your life. 

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