Sick and Tired of the Job Search Process Taking So Long? Read This.

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When you start a job search, you get excited. You start applying to a bunch of jobs. Then… you sit there. You wait, and wait, and wait. 

Before you know it, a couple of months have gone by and you’re still not employed in a new job. This can be so frustrating!

Let’s look at some creative ways you can speed up the job search process!

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Here are 3 ways you can speed up the job search process when you feel like it is just taking too long:

1. Hone in on one or two similar areas to find great-fit job openings!

Too many people start the job search with a very general resume. All of their skills and experience are listed, but they don't focus on the specific things that each job they're applying to is looking for.

Think about honing in and focusing on one or two similar areas. 

Maybe you are excellent at social media content creation. You could also do copywriting for sales pages, landing pages, and websites, too.

Those are two very similar areas. Both involve content creation, and both involve copywriting. 

So, take your master resume and create a copy specifically for social media content creation and a copy specifically for copywriting.

The idea here is to avoid tying yourself to only one thing. Expanding a little bit to include copywriting and content creation services. Set yourself up with resume variations that you can use for each! They will be similar, but you're going to distinguish them by using keywords specific to each area in the individual resumes. 

Then as you go through the job search, when you see things that might be a good fit, you are able to take one of those two resumes, tweak it just a little bit and send it off!

Now, the key is not spending too much time. 

And the same goes for your cover letter. Have a master and then a version for each of your chosen areas. 

Then when you see a job online, set that timer for no more than ten minutes. Only use ten minutes to make updates for that specific position. If you give yourself more than ten minutes, you will take more than ten minutes because you will keep thinking and you will keep tweaking.

There shouldn't be too many tweaks to make, because your resume and cover letter will already be tailored to that specific area in which you're applying.

2. Be laser-focused on following companies you admire!

The main way most people search for a new job is on LinkedIn followed closely by Indeed, and job boards. They just start looking for anything available. They will find something that they’re interested in and say, “Oh yeah, I could do this. This looks interesting.” 

There is a different approach you can take that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Look at companies that you really admire. Maybe you are a mom and you have used some products that helped your baby to fall asleep and you would love to work for that company.

Well, why not see if you can? 

Make a list of twenty companies that you admire, whether it’s a product, service, or something else. Think about companies that are really creative, innovative, and forward-thinking.

Make your list, and then get laser-focused on following those companies.

What do I mean by getting laser-focused on following them? 

  • Create alerts on LinkedIn. Now, whenever they have a new job opening, you will get a notification and it will be sent to you. Even if that job isn't necessarily what you're interested in, you're going to be getting the alerts. And eventually, there will be something that does interest you, and it will pop right into your inbox.
  • On many websites, you can sign up to receive notifications when new jobs are open on the company website as soon as a new position is posted. Oftentimes, you can filter it down so that they only send you right-fit roles. You'll get email notifications directly from the company when a position is posted.
  • You could follow the HR director for each company on LinkedIn or the head of the department that you're interested in working for. Any time they post something, you will get notified. And if they post a job opening in the company, you will be one of the first ones to know!
  • Follow the company on LinkedIn. Don’t just follow the people who work there, follow the company page too. 

3. Forget the ATS and get into communities where people post jobs

Traditionally, when a person is looking for a job, they will visit a company's website or go to job boards to see what might be a good fit. They filter it down and then decide to apply for it. 

I want you to take a more proactive approach to your job search!

There are so many Facebook groups, Slack groups, LinkedIn groups - all sorts of communities where you can go and interact directly with hiring managers and recruiters.

What this does is it builds immediate trust.

Let's say that you are in a group on Facebook for working moms. Then, a hiring manager comes in and says, “We're looking for a solid person to fit this role.”

You comment, “I am a perfect fit for that. Can I message you?”

And they say, “Yes, that would be wonderful.” 

If you think about it, they have come into that group because they trust that group. When you respond, you have earned their trust simply because you have something in common and that's really important.

Just imagine being able to start a conversation with a hiring manager directly on Facebook, having never filled out an application or submitted your resume online. You won’t have to wait for someone in HR to get back to you. It is a magical way to make this work and I would love to see more women taking this approach.

Those are my top three creative ways you can speed up the job search process! If you’re wondering where you can find groups like the ones I mentioned above… keep reading!

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