The best online communities that offer support for working women

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“We’re living in unprecedented times!”

How many times have you heard that sentence in the last several months? It kind of gets annoying, right? Unfortunately, there’s no denying its truth. 

And for working moms, it’s especially apparent that these “unprecedented times” are weighing heavily on us. Just google, “how is the pandemic affecting working moms” and you’ll find the following articles (among others):

Coronavirus Is Killing The Working Mother 

Being A Working Mom Is Hard. The Pandemic Made It Even Harder. 

The Pandemic’s Setbacks for Working Moms 

Pandemic Could Scar a Generation of Working Mothers 

Those are some bold headlines. And while it’s true that reporters use headlines to stop readers in their tracks, these, in particular, speak volumes about what every working mom wants to scream from her makeshift home office right about now.

Working moms everywhere are drowning.

First, I want to make it clear to you that you’re absolutely not alone. But that helps relieve the overwhelming stress for only a fleeting moment before reality once again kicks you in the ass. Right?

So, what’s a working mom to do? Joining coworkers for happy hours—or even just a stale cup of coffee in the office—is less of an option these days. Hell, you’re just lucky if your kid doesn’t hit the mouse and knock you off the Zoom call with your boss this week. And forget about those brunch dates with your girlfriends where you can sip a mimosa and enjoy 60 minutes of peace.

My best advice at this point is to find an online community for working women. You would be amazed at the number of other women who can offer you support—even if they may be falling apart themselves. 


Bypass the cover letter

3 online communities for career advice, tips, and support

While there are many ways to feel supported online, I’m listing three of my favorites. Some women love Facebook groups but I find a lot of negativity and less constructive conversations in most of them.

The communities I’m recommending are specifically focused on careers while sprinkling in other topics like parenthood, mental health, relationships, etc. Let’s get real, though...each one affects the others.


Fairygodboss holds a special place in my heart. It’s truly one of the kindest communities for women. I co-hosted an amazing webinar with them a few months back called, How to Find Your Purpose and Take Steps to Pursue It. The turnout, support, and feedback were more than I could have hoped for.

While this group isn’t solely for moms, there are plenty of working moms to talk to on Fairygodboss. And what makes this online community unique is that your feed is curated specifically for you. Women post questions and inspiration related to work. Other members comment with advice and to celebrate successes. Posts can be anonymous if you want them to be and you can have 1:1 conversations through their messaging system if you prefer.

They also have smaller groups you can join based on interests. For example, I lead a group called Moms Trying to Find and Pursue Their Purpose.

Finally, Fairygodboss serves as an unbiased place to see company reviews and there is also a job search tool on the platform.

Click here to join Fairygodboss

Ladies Get Paid

Ladies Get Paid is an online community filled with ambitious career-driven women. Two main things that help this platform stand out are how it’s organized and the many job opportunities posted by real women looking to hire and offer referrals fast. If you’re searching for a new job, this community is a must-join for you. 

It operates on Slack which makes each thread easy to follow. I never feel like I miss a thing. You can join specific threads that fit your needs such as:

  • advice-and-mentorship
  • ladies-got-laid-off
  • inclusion-diversity
  • money-money-money
  • self-care
  • jobs_gigs_collabs

I’ve noticed Ladies Get Paid has a little bit of a millennial vibe for younger women. There are so many opportunities available from open jobs to virtual events. 

Click here to join Ladies Get Paid


InHerSight is packed full of career advice for women at every corner of their website. You’ll find a robust way to search for job opportunities and get reviews on companies. Their Career Resources section talks about everything from career management to inspiration and benefits & policies to wellness.

There’s also a specific section for working moms that offers information on work-life balance, pregnancy, return to work, and parenthood.

InHerSight also has a community that allows you to ask questions anonymously. Members post a question and then give options as answers. The rest of the community can then vote on the option that resonates with them (and comment if they want). This is a great place to put your vulnerable self out there without worrying about being judged.

Click here to join InHerSight

Do yourself a favor during this season of your life and join one of these communities. If you’re a working mom—or even a working woman without kids—you likely need support more than ever right now. Take two minutes and do something for yourself today.

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