The Secret Behind How Companies Hire: 4 Tips to Connect with a Company

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Did you know that right now there are 1.9 jobs available for every unemployed person in the United States?

The hiring process companies are using shouldn’t be such a mystery! Considering companies desperately need to hire good people and there are really good people out there looking for work at awesome companies. You would think that the hiring process would be incredibly transparent. Unfortunately, it’s not. 

Let's talk about the secret behind how companies are finding the right fit people to interview and ultimately hire.

Hint, hint: Typically they’re NOT going to the database of applicants for the position. They’re finding them in different ways.  

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Take a step back and look at the facts:

Only 2% of applicants actually get an interview! This stat might surprise you. 

In order for you to be within that 2% your resume has to be a near-perfect match. The problem is that many companies within their job descriptions tell candidates to apply even if they don’t have all of the experience listed. However, with only two out of every hundred applicants getting an interview it’s curious why companies are saying this to candidates? 

Candidates are applying to jobs that they’ll never even get looked at for. Even worse they’re often spending hours adjusting their résumé to fit the job description and answering questions or filling out other requirements of the job just to apply.

If you’re not lucky enough to be in that 2%, you have to find another way to get seen. 

The KEY is connection - making connections can look different for everyone, but in this age of AI and technology, the person-to-person connection remains strong.

Here are 4 creative ways you can connect with a company (to keep yourself out of the 98% getting rejection letters):

1. Referrals

This isn’t anything new. Companies love referrals. We all love doing business with people who have provided great experiences in the past for our friends, families, and colleagues. When an employee, a former colleague, or someone in your network can refer you to a hiring manager, you’re already higher than so many others. 

Action step: to do this, go on LinkedIn. See who you know that knows someone within the company you want to be employed. Then, work that connection. I can guarantee it will feel much less invasive and time-consuming and much more natural than trying to work through the ATS system.   

2. Find an industry recruiter

Do your research and find a recruiter who is specifically within your industry. They will know people! They will have ways to connect you with the right hiring manager. Plus, they’ll be able to do it all fairly quickly. 

The really cool thing about this is that they even know what positions are coming available before they’re ever even posted in an applicant tracking system.

Action step: find an industry-specific recruiter that knows a lot of people in your space and try to work with them!

3. Find a career coach

Find someone who knows how to weave their way through the recruitment process and get you connections with the people who matter. You want a coach who knows how to bypass the front and the side door and is going directly to that back door and saying. “I have the perfect fit for you.”  They can endorse you and assure the employer that you will do a fantastic job for them. 

Remember: people trust people. People want to do business with people. 

Action step: find an amazing career coach who can help you and do most of the work for you.

4. Join online communities 

Often, hiring managers and recruiters are going into online communities, posting jobs, and looking for great candidates. There are some awesome groups and communities that you can check in on each day to see if what’s posted is relevant to you. Then, it is as simple as sending a direct message to that person and saying, “I would be a perfect fit.”

If they are posting in that community and you say that you came from that community, you are already building a connection and trust.

Action step: check out my free, downloadable list of 29 online communities where you can connect with hiring managers. Choose 3-5 of those groups that are a perfect fit for you and join. Come back and check those groups each day for job postings and to make connections. 


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